City of Philadelphia
Stormwater Grants

The City of Philadelphia, through the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) and Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC), has created the Stormwater Management Incentives Program (SMIP) and the Greened Acre Retrofit Program (GARP) to reduce the price for qualified non-residential PWD customers and contractors to design and install stormwater best management practices. These practices reduce stormwater pollution to the City’s sewer and surrounding waterways and enhance water quality in the region’s watersheds.

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City of Philadelphia
Business Income & Receipts Exemption (BIRT)

The City of Philadelphia provides a Tax Exemption on a portion of Business Taxes starting in Tax Year 2014. Beginning in 2014 and continuing through 2016 & Thereafter, City of Philadelphia Businesses are able to declare a portion of their business transactions exempt from the Business Income and Receipts Tax (BIRT) covering both gross receipts and net profits.

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We are Philadelphia’s public-private economic development corporation. Our mission is to spur investment, support business growth, and foster developments that create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods, and drive growth to every corner of Philadelphia. Armed with flexible financing products, a targeted portfolio of industrial and commercial real estate, and decades of Philadelphia-based knowledge, PIDC provides the resources and expertise to help you invest, develop, and grow.

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City of Philadelphia
Tax Abatement Program

The City of Philadelphia provides an Abatement of Real Estate Taxes on the major improvements needed to significantly rehabilitate/renovate commercial and industrial properties, as well as for projects where there is new construction. This tool is a mechanism intended to encourage urban business reinvestment.

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Impact Loan Fund

With loan terms up to 7 years and rates as low as 3%, Impact Loans can help you expand your business. Whether you need to upgrade your equipment, improve your buildings or purchase more inventory, we are there to provide competitive financing to bring your business improvement ideas to life. We proudly serve Greater Kensington, Port Richmond, Frankford, Bridesburg and neighboring areas.

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For more information on Impact Loan Fund, contact Caitlin Rozman at
Impact Services Corporation at 215-739-1600 ext. 137, or email to


Business Security Camera Program

Program Description - The purpose of the Business Security Camera Programis to encourage businesses and property owners within the City of Philadelphia to install surveillance cameras, making areas safer for shoppers and the community while growing their vitality and economic performance. The program awards up to 50% of the total cost of eligible improvements. The camera security system must be installed on the outside of your building providing surveillance for your business and the public space.

Eligible Applicants - Applicants must be one of the following:
• The owner of a commercially occupied property. (Unoccupied properties may be considered but must
be occupied or have a signed lease agreement with acommercial tenant to receive reimbursement).
• An operating tenant business with approval of the property owner.
• An established business association or community based organization.
All applicants must be operating legally, properly registered, licensed with the City of Philadelphia and current with all City obligations, including but not limited to taxes, licenses, water revenue billings, as well as Business/Neighborhood Improvement District assessments, if applicable.

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Storefront Improvement Program

Program Description - The purpose of the Storefront Improvement Program is to encourage businesses and property owners within eligible neighborhood commercial corridors (see attached list) to improve their storefronts, making these areas more attractive to shoppers and growing their vitality and economic performance. The program reimburses owners of commercial buildings and businesses up to 75% of the total cost of eligible improvements, for a maximum reimbursement of $10,000 for a single commercial property or $15,000 for a multiple address or corner business property.

Storefront Improvement Program Guidelines & Application


I-95 Corridor Plan

PennDOT is working on a long-term, multi-phase initiative to rebuild and improve I-95 in Pennsylvania. Five major projects to reconstruct the interstate between the Interstate 676 and Cottman Avenue interchanges in Philadelphia are now in various stages of design or construction, including active construction projects at the Girard Avenue and Cottman Avenue interchanges.

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The Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia is a regional trade organization created to give voice to the owners and employees of this important economic sector. The Alliance addresses issues of policy, economic development, job training and other topics relevant to the growth and economic well being of the industry. Its members are manufacturing and allied industry groups from within the region who work in collaboration with government and other agencies to resolve challenges that might harm the sector.

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