City Commerce Dept.
SafeCam Program

The Commerce Dept. SafeCam Program is designed to encourage businesses within neighborhood commercial corridors and industrial districts to install exterior video surveillance cameras. This is part of an overall strategy to create a safe and secure environment for company staff, service providers, customers and the local communities.

The focus is to assist with some of the costs to install a security system that monitors the outside of buildings and adjacent public space. The Program reimburses the owners of the business properties, 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum of $3,000.

The digital security camera system must have the ability to be accessed remotely by the Philadelphia Police Dept.

The Port Richmond Corridor Association was established in 1993 to improve and secure the industrial and commercial sectors within our community.
We accomplish this by working on improving security and infrastructure while reducing dumping and graffiti and promoting an industrial business friendly environment.
The RCA gives you a voice on issues that affect you and your business. City politicians and policy makers listen because the RCA brings together many businesses, both large and small, as one unified group with common goals and interests.